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Mastery. Community. Wellbeing. Presence. Growth

Who We Are

Reviving tradition, creating culture, building community and transforming lives.

“Archery Ascension Centre Incorporated” is a registered not-for-profit organisation.We are affiliated with Traditional Archery Australia. Our aim is to build madinahs: these are places of wellbeing and education. We do this by teaching Archery and Horsemanship through our Shepherd-Warrior-Community Worker model.

The most noble people of our past all had three occupations: Shepherds, Warriors and Community Workers.

By extension, we believe to help every person develop to their full potential we can do so in the spirit being Shepherds, Warriors and Community Workers:

Shepherd: through Horsemanship one learns to nurture others
"No doubt, every one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock." (Sahih Al Bukhari 7138)
Develop skills to fulfil responsibilities to others, manage different temperaments and personalities, adopt
different leadership styles.

Warrior: through Archery one learns self mastery:
Develops Character: Self-Discipline, Striving For Improvement, Serving Other People, Humility, Patience,
Focus and Determination

Community Worker: through volunteering opportunities and community events one uplifts and builds others up:
Creating a better world through embodying the good character traits of the elite warriors and shepherds of the past

In engaging people in archery and horsemanship through this model, Archery Ascension provides a comprehensive and
experiential approach to character building and promoting overall well-being. We call this building Madinahs:

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