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Membership - A Gift THat Grows

Your contribution catalyses the impact of Archery Ascension. As an active or passive member here your contribution will go towards creating a positive impact for all our community. This includes outreach programs, animal care, land maintenance and therapy programs. As a token of appreciation all members will receive discounts on any items purchased through the shop, discount on other programs including the horsemanship courses.

Please see the MEMBERSHIP page for more details regarding Membership Options.


"Amazing group of people who are wholly passionate about traditional archery. Just about the only place to experience authentic Ottoman archery, and with horses too."


"I went to one of AA open days and was immediately hooked. I loved the atmosphere and community feeling."

"Omar was super knowledgeable and passionate about Ottoman archery. Very welcoming despite my non Islamic heritage. Great instruction and fantastic community. I'm not aware of better or closer horse instruction and definitely no mounted archery anywhere else in Victoria."

Nick Likane

"Driving down on misty Sunday mornings to be greeted by smiles and hot breakfast is exactly the remedy I need after a hectic week. 

As the fog rolls away, it takes with it stress, anxiety and worry to make space for sunshine to filter through."

"Signed up for membership, knowing that it would be a juggling act with my career.

I now volunteer 4 days a week both my mental and physical health has improved unbelievably. In short AA has given me a whole new lease and purpose in life."

"The last couple of years like everyone have taken their toll on him, putting him in a dark place mentally where he didn’t see the point of living life and didn’t want to leave the house. Going to archery ascension has given him a place to be himself and be accepted. Everyone has been welcoming and friendly, they talk to him like a person not a kid and he looks forward to going each week. He has also said it helps him to focus his thoughts when they spin around."

"Archery Ascension has given our family some sense of peace and belonging in a world that feels so chaotic at times. I myself have made some friends and feel welcomed and accepted and my children love spending time on the farm."

"Archery as a practice in and of itself is one that I find to be very grounding and calming and meditative. Practicing Archery has helped improve my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It has become more than a hobby for me and having the opportunity to practice it with others at AA makes it all the more enjoyable. It motivates me to constantly improve and do better as an archer and community member."

"For the past 2 years, I have been suffering bad depression and anxiety due to a personal loss, and lost myself in the process. My first day was the beginning of a new chapter. When I am on the farm, I feel calm and carefree."

"I’ve taken my son to the range on a number of occasions and he always leaves wanting to go back again soon. Omar is awesome with the young ones and has a great ability to connect the art of archery to something beyond just an outward form."


"I came for archery and I stayed for the community.

I was struggling in school, and coming here every weekend literally saved my life. It changed for the better. I am so grateful for Br Omar and everyone who volunteers here."

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