Levels of the Archer: Overview

We are introducing an exciting Levels of the Archer system. Each Archer will progress through different Archery competency levels and will attend classes based on their level. They will need to complete certain criteria before they can progress to the next level. The levels of the Archer are:

  • Introduction to Archery
  • Foundation
  • Kepazekesh
  • Torbakesh
  • Putakesh

Once an Archer completes The Levels of the Archer & specilaises in a discipline, they will be considered Kemankesh (complete). They will have speed, accuracy and power in their shooting. Only a Master Archer can give the title of Kemankesh to you. 

Weekend Archery Programs

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Archery Community Culture

We are aiming to create a culture of service and mentorship.

As a more experienced Archer, it is your responsibility to embrace new Archers into the community and serve them. We encourage you to stay after your class to mentor Archers in other classes. Eg. A Torbakesh Archer would stay to assist a Kepazekesh class or a Kepazekesh Archer would stay to assist in the Foundation class etc. Alternatively, as a member, you can give back to the community by assisting with AA events, Animal Care, Land Care, Social Media management, Admin Assistance etc.

Please give deference to your mentors regardless of their age or other perceived ranks. Seniority is determined by how the arrow flies.

Patience, strength, humility and respect are a key attributes we promote in our community.

Introduction to Archery Become a Member

Brothers & Sisters Suhba

All members, including children, are welcome to attend the Suhba Sessions. It’s an opportunity to meet other members, shoot together and share your experiences over light snacks.


Tuesday: 5:30am


Headquarters, Dandenong North.


  • Bring your own Archery equipment
  • Equipment Hire is available for eligible members
  • Welcome to bring light snacks to share
  • Parents are responsible for their children's’ safety at all times
  • Horse training only if approved/supervised by senior AA member
Introduction to Archery Become a Member