Significance of Archery for a Muslim

Program Details

PART 1: Why do we do Archery?

Engage in a discussion with the participants about the significance of Archery for a Muslim.

Reflect on the historical, spiritual and mental importance of archery and its relevance to our lives today.

PART 2: Learning about Ottoman Archery

Immerse students into the rich culture and tradition the Ottoman’s developed around Archery. This will be split into two presentations.

PRESENTATION 1: Appreciating the process

Students are to engage in an interactive workshop about the process of bow and arrow making

students will get to see, touch, and feel handcrafted bows and equipment. Volunteers amongst students will be required.

PRESENTATION 2: Shooting demonstration

Students will watch the Archery Ascension team demonstrate how archery has been utilized by the Muslim community as a form of physical, mental and spiritual development

Students will see various techniques of shooting, such as shooting while walking, with multiple arrows in hand etc.

Enable some students to engage in activities and games to exemplify how skills developed in Archery can be carried into everyday life.

PART 3: Engaging in Furusiyya (Horsemanship)

The history of humanity is tied to the saddle of the horse. Horsemanship is the art of leadership.

Our horsemanship program is designed to be more than just riding. Working with a horse on the ground is as important as working with them under saddle. In this part students will go through an experiential leadership workshop unlike what they may have experienced before.

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