Levels of the Archer

Levels of the Archer

Levels of the Archer

“Verily Strength Exists in Archery”


Kepaze is the type of training the Ottoman Warriors would use to build the muscle memory.

This involves the drawing of an empty light weight bow. The warriors of the past would draw their bow up to 600 times a day. They would infuse Dhikr into their Kepaze practice particularly after one of the five daily prayers.

Kepaze is practiced on both shoulders and is focused on building three things

Balance: To prevent injury and increase accuracy

Muscle Memory: To create a more natural and instinctive shot cycle

Off-hand shooting: As a method of survival in warfare or when tracking an animal when hunting.


In the modern lingo – Torba can be considered Blank Bale shooting or Bag Work. We like to consider it “the lab” where the archer perfects his form and readiness

Here an Archer focuses on developing first: consistency and then accuracy and precision.

Consistency: Forming a consistent grouping regardless of aim. Initially this will be a hand size, then coin size and then a group of all arrows touching.

Accuracy: This is the ability to consistently shoot groups where you are aiming

Precision: Is being able to repeat the above over and over again.


This is where distance starts to build between yourself and where your arrow lands. Here you work on your complete shot process.

Puta is based on the traditional Ottoman target. This target used to be made from leather and archers would compete by shooting at difficult distances. Classically it is said Archers would shoot at 165m. In modern times the Puta distance is considered 70m.


This is when an archer is considered proficient at Puta shooting up to 50-70m.

Kemankesh was classically considered “Master” of Archery. There are incredible records set classically by true Kemankesh archers of the past. At our club Kemankesh is considered when an Archer is proficient at Puta. From here our archer’s generally start specialising in a discipline of archery: Strength (Power Shooting or Flight Archery), Speed (Horseback Shooting) or Accuracy (Trick Shooting or Target Competition)

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