Archery Ascension Horse Agistment Agreement

1. The Owner agrees to pay all the agistor’s agistment fees and other charges as detailed below, which will be payable on receipt of the invoice.

2. The horse is always at the owner’s risk. It is the owner’s responsibility to insure the horse and any progeny against all risks while they are at the Agistment property or being transported to and from the property. The agistor shall not be responsible for any disease, accident, vice, illness, or injury howsoever caused or arising to the horse whilst at the property or when transporting to or from the Agistment Property.

3. The owner must notify the agistor immediately after becoming aware that the horse suffers from or has been in contact with any significant or notifiable sickness, disease, or injury.

4. Veterinary services for the horse and/or progeny may be provided at the discretion of the agistor in consultation with the agistor’s veterinarian. The owner will pay all veterinary and other charges incurred while the horse is at the Agistment property.

5. The owner gives the agistor a lien over the horse and its progeny for payment of the agistment fees and all other charges and expenses which the owner must pay under this agreement. This means that the owner may not remove the horse or its progeny from the property while any part of this agreement is not fulfilled.

6. The agistor may sell the horse and/or its progeny at public auction or by private sale to recover any monies unpaid for 60 days after the agistor has sent the account.

7. The owner irrevocably appoints the agistor as the owner’s attorney with the power to sell the horse and/or its progeny and to sign all transfers and other documents and do everything necessary to effect and complete the sale and to receive the purchase price and credit it towards the costs of the sale and all monies owing.

1. Paddocks
a. Paddocks may need to be rotated according to the season, land health, and pasture growth.
b. Water is provided via large water troughs that
are checked regularly.

2. During periods of slow pasture growth, the horse is provided haylage to maintain condition and growth. The cost of hay will be shared amongst all horse owners on the property and may fluctuate based on the season.

3. Any costs associated with mandatory care that is needed for the general welfare for the herd will be charged to owner.

4. Storage
a. Shed for tack storage.
b. Drums for feed storage.

5. Access to the Riding Facilities subject to availability.

6. A $20 handling fee for farrier, dentist, or worming.

7. In the event of illness or injury, a veterinarian will be called to treat the horse. The costs will be charged to the owner.
Prices are subject to change with 30 days’ notice.

The following items are not included in the agistment fees:
1. Any training or education services.
2. Daily rugging
3. Veterinary Fees

Important Note:
1. I understand that my horse is my responsibility at all times.
2. I understand I need to be present for appointments for my horse, such as with the farrier or dentist. Archery Ascension can organise staffing to provide support for a handling fee.
3. I understand that if my horse is injured, though community members may offer their support, the horse's welfare is my responsibility.
4. I understand that if I bring resources to the facility, such as bedding or feed, I need to remove them when they are no longer required or can be donated to the community.

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